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Lucinda Barrett




To celebrate the solstice Izzy and I have decided we wanted a new way to connect with you all, a way to tell stories about the people we love and make for, how we know them and how they know each other.

We design with you in mind and connecting with you is what it’s all about. This series will be a collection of conversations, focusing on human connection, old and new, how these connections have started and how they have changed. Everyone featured has inspired our work in some way. 

We begin this diary with the original muse goddesses, Lucy and Claire. Lucy is family and Claire might as well be. This conversation took place in Pakiri, over a lunch of homegrown salad and cheese scones, and as always we shuffled the tarot. 


Lucinda: Tell us about your connection - how did it begin, what is it based on?

LUCY: It began wagging school to go and get Starbucks? Or Indian?

CLAIRE: No, it began... so, I think it was 6th form we decided to wag school together and go off in Lucy's little Toyota Corolla car and she said ‘let’s follow this car and see where we turn up’. We ended up in a cul de sac in Glenfield, we just thought it was the funniest thing ever... and ever since we were friends, especially in those couple of years when we were just ratbags. Our relationship then was based on being naughty, and like...

L: …getting food

C: …and getting food. When I look back on it now it was just us rebelling, but together, like we only really did the things that we did, together.

Lucinda: You didn't do it with any other friends?

C: No.

L: Not really.

C: And like all the boys and the drinking and the partying we did was just kinda like, together. We weren't naughty but it’s just I think we were young we went through this phase were we kinda tried to play the boys at their own game.

Lucinda: Oh yeah, as rough and tough?

C: Yeah and so we did that together and we supported each other through that, without even realising that’s what we were doing, like how your family always used to call me Lucy's boyfriend.

Lucinda: You were a team.


Lucinda: So how has your connection changed, and where are you now?

C: its changed because, I think once we grew up...

Lucinda: How did you know when you were grown up?

C: We got to a point with the partying, well I did- I was about 21 and I was like, this isn't working, and Lucy went to Hawaii, that was a big thing too. I was really heartbroken, I remember doing a Tarot reading with you (Lucinda) and you were like 'I can feel how much you miss her'. I remember you saying that so vividly, so I think just that separation and then also, for me personally...

L: and slowing down a bit aye

C: Yeah going ok- what am I doing, this lifestyle doesn't work.

Lucinda: You hit 21 and you thought I don't want to be a kid like this anymore?

C: Yeah like ‘this isn't me’ and then just trying to figure out who 'me' was but that started happening when I started work at Miss Crabb. We did grow apart, and I think that was mostly me thinking I wanted quite a particular sort of life- like ok, I'm going to London, I’m going to work in fashion and I'm never coming home, you know.

L: You preparing for that.

C: Yeah sort of, without even realising it.

Lucinda: I've got to let go of people like Lucy.

C: Not even that, more like, ‘that’s where I’m going and what I’m focused on’. It wasn't about me leaving anyone. So what’s been really cool, is seeing where we’re at today in our lives. Starting to look really similar, our dudes are similar, they're from the same town, we’re both going to be living in the country very soon!

Lucinda: Full circle. So does it make you feel that your life was all mapped out? Are these the sort of moments where you think there’s no such thing as...

L: No its all choices.

C: I think there’s been a lot of uncovering.

L: I think there is fate but you choose which direction the fate goes in.


Lucinda: Do you think you are making these choices that are bringing you back together because you really were friends anyway?

C: I think it was who we truly were underneath it all, we’re just stripping back all the crap.

L: Yeah and while Claire was doing her ‘I want to be in London’ thing I had gone to Hawaii and realised how much I need to be focusing on being active and you know surfing and diving and all those things that Claire doesn't do, it was like the perfect time for us to go our separate ways and then come back in and realise I didn't need to go overseas to do all that you know, I don't have to live in Hawaii to live that life, it was just an inspiring place.


C: I think particularly in the last few months things feel really different in our relationship because of the life choices we’ve made recently, the moves we are making, or like Lucy's already made- coming up here to Pakiri.

Lucinda: And they are bringing you back together?

C: Not even bringing it back, it’s almost like a new friendship. It’s so different really, cause its like an adult one and its based upon something completely different.

L: I feel like we were so dependent on each other, it’s almost like the friendship has widened and softened.

Lucinda: That sounds nice, that sounds really great, so you're giving each other more space to be independent?

L: There’s more love with other people, other friends.

C: And that that’s ok, like when we were younger we would be quite jealous.

L: Yeah I remember that.

C: It’s been really nice, coming back together again.

Lucinda: You could have just as easily never come back from England…

C: Yeah but I got over there and realised that the lifestyle I thought I’d wanted wasn’t for me after all. Now I’ve come home, and we’re both entering a new phase of our lives.

Lucinda: Where you are going to have another whole set of things in common.

L: Yeah definitely. We had a really shit patch where it all kind of broke down, we were both having weird bad times in our own lives at the same time and neither of us was there for the other, but it obviously didn’t break down completely.

C: There’s no one else that I could sit and have a similar conversation with like this, that I’ve had a relationship with that’s gone through so many phases.

Lucinda: So you feel like its pivotal in your life, this connection, but in a way very separate?

C: I think it’s really fascinating how we have realigned.

L: Especially cause we are both so different.

C: It’s cool.

L: It’s nice.

Lucy and Claire are both wearing pieces from our ‘connection is what it’s all about’ collection Photographs taken by Izzy Harrison

Lucy and Claire are both wearing pieces from our ‘connection is what it’s all about’ collection
Photographs taken by Izzy Harrison